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National Humanist Campaigns

This is just some of the National Humanist campaigns. Make a difference today – get involved with our most urgent campaigns


Bishops out the House of Lords

We are not a Christian country, yet 26 Bishops from the Church of England have the right to vote in our House of Lords. Write to your MP today and say you want them out!

Help support a forthcoming debate in the House of Commons on the bishops by writing to your MP today! For more information click here


End discriminatory admissions in state schools

We hear from many people like our Vice President Alice Roberts every day. From people who had naturally assumed that religious discrimination would be illegal in schools – as it is everywhere else – only to find that it is not only completely legal, but commonplace, and aggressively protected by religious interest groups.

We’ve supported parents to challenge religious discrimination in school selection – but now we need to go further and address the system as a whole.

Help us fight for inclusive school admissions – sign our petition today.


End Faith Schools


Donate today to fund and resource Britain’s only dedicated campaigner against faith schools.

Help us defend the rights of children and teachers by campaigning to end state religious schools, religious discrimination in admissions, and compulsory collective worship, and for the introduction of comprehensive relationships and sex education in all schools.

Support our campaign to end faith schools by donating today.


Protect the rights of the non-religious

The UK Government is planning to reform the Human Rights Act and to replace it with a British Bill of Rights. If this happens, this will have a devastating impact on the rights and freedoms of non-religious people, such as humanists.

Please take a minute to urge your MP to oppose these reforms, so that the non-religious can continue to have the same freedoms and protections from discrimination as their religious counterparts.

For more national campaigns visit

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