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Emma Martin Blue Plaque
23rd February 2023 Bridewell St Bristol BS1

Bristol Humanists organised and fundraised for a Blue Plaque to the memory of Emma Martin and along with Professor Alice Roberts, Bristol Mayor Paula O'Rourke, Andrew Copson CEO of Humanists UK and descendants of Emma Martin, Emma Moody and her daughters, the plaque was unveiled on the 23rd Feb 2023. Nick Hooper and Chrissie Hackett of Bristol Humanists lead the days events with the assistance of all the members of our committee. Members of Bristol Radical History Group were in attendance and we would like to thank everyone who made this event possible and special thanks to Bristol Civic Society for their work with the Blue Plaque.

The 23rd Feb 1811 was when Emma was baptised a short distance away at St James in Bristol. We don't know her exact birthday yet and so that's why her baptism date was chosen.

Photos thanks to : 'Mark Pickthall Photography'


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