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14th September 2020

Stacey Shepherd’s Thought for the Day can be found at the 2hrs 43m 22s time stamp at this link:

Here is the transcript:

Just like the young girl and her grandfather who’ve been keeping in touch using amateur radio, many of us have turned to new hobbies and new ways to keep in touch during these last few challenging months. This makes me think about how curiosity, creativity and connection are at the heart of what makes us human.
Curiosity leads us to examine ourselves and the world around us by wondering who we are and where we come from. It produces extraordinary journeys of creative discovery and great art as well as leading us to ask questions which motivate scientific investigation.
Creativity is an attribute that can make us feel fulfilled and bring us joy, whether this be through art, music, writing, conversing, gardening or anything else. Our imagination also allows us to be innovative, compassionate and drive change.
As social primates, our drive for connection means that we are warmed by the joys of love, family and friendships. We gain comfort and security from the sense of being part of a wider community. Working with others to create a better world, we can find purpose in widening our interests beyond the limits of our own individual lives.
The Humanist approach is about free-thinking and living the one life we know we have as fully as we can and helping others to do the same. Whilst we can’t control every twist in the plot, we do have the freedom to plan our own life’s adventures. So being Curious, Creative and Connecting with others seems like a great place to start!
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