About Us

Bristol Humanists are enthusiasts for science, secular causes and living well without religion.

We meet regularly to listen to inspiring speakers, socialise with like-minded folk, exchange ideas, and to discuss books and film.  

Check out our upcoming events below. All are welcome, whether you're humanist or not!

If you would like to help us organize events, get in touch!


Upcoming Events

  • Happy Readers Book Club - The Bonobo and the Atheist by Frans De Waal
    24 May, 19:00 – 20:30 CEST
    We will be discussing the book over zoom on Monday 24th May at 7pm.
  • A Journey to the Source of Consciousness - with Prof Mark Solms
    07 Jun, 19:30 BST
    In this live talk direct from South Africa, neuro-psychologist Mark Solms will take us on his journey to the source of consciousness.
  • Rebel Without a Pause - an evening with Barry Duke, live.
    10 May, 19:30 BST
    Join us for a special evening where Barry will discuss his lifetime of activism as a gay man and atheist.
  • Spring into Spring – a seasonal celebration…..food, light & sex!
    12 Apr, 19:30 BST
    Bristol Humanists invite you to spring into Spring: sex, light & food!