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Bristol Humanists are enthusiasts for science, secular causes and living well without religion.


We meet regularly to listen to inspiring speakers, socialise with like-minded folk, exchange ideas, and to discuss books and film.  


Check out our upcoming events below. All are welcome, whether you're humanist or not!

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Upcoming Events

  • Humanising Mental Health - Dr Jess Hunter in conversation with Jaana Tuominen
    03 Apr, 19:30 – 21:00
    Unitarian Meeting Hall, Brunswick Square, St Paul's, Bristol BS2 8PE, UK
    This talk will focus on borderline personality disorder, which is amongst the most misunderstood and stigmatised psychiatric diagnoses. Looking behind the labels, Jess and Jaana will explore how people with this diagnosis struggle in life, and what the consequences of stigma really are.
  • The Psychology of Adjustment to Change with Dr James Brennan
    03 May, 19:30 – 21:00
    Unitarian Meeting Hall, Brunswick Square, St Paul's, Bristol BS2 8PE, UK





""Emma Martin was a devoted and outspoken proponent of atheism and Owenism, turning a rhetorical talent and Biblical knowledge gained from earlier Christian evangelism to the causes of socialism, women’s rights, and freedom of belief. Martin advanced these principles first as a lecturer, and later as a midwife, consistently demonstrating a devotion to humankind underpinned by a deeply felt feminism and an undeniably humanist philosophy.""
Our Emma Martin Blue plaque was put in place on the side of the Old Fire Station in Bridewell Street Bristol on the 23rd of February which was the day she was baptised at St James just a short distance away. We are uncertain of her birth date and so this was the date chosen for the event. Emma lived near Bridewell Bridge which is now hidden beneath the road and just underneath where the plaque is installed in the centre of Bristol.
Emma Moody and her two daughters, who are descendants of Emma Martin, attended the event with Professor Alice Roberts who is vice president of Humanists UK, and Bristol Mayor Paula O'Rourke who both kindly unveiled the plaque on behalf of Bristol Humanists. We would like to thank everyone involved who made this event happen. We will be posting further details of Emma Martin's life and work and our Blue Plaque event which was a great success.

Last year we had the first annual Bristol Humanists Emma Martin Lecture given by author and speaker Nan Sloane who has written several books on radical women in the public space. Later this year on October 2nd we will be having our Emma Martin Day Lecture entitled "Am I Normal" with speaker Sarah Cheyney. Check out our page on Meetups for further details of Bristol Humanists events


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